Equipment Breakdown

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What it protects:

Production machinery or processing equipment / Air conditioning systems / Refrigeration systems / Heating systems / Boiler and pressure vessels / Electrical systems / Telephone and communications systems / Office equipment

How it protects:

Equipment Breakdown (Formerly called Boiler and Machinery coverage) protects your business from a loss that occurs due to mechanical or electrical breakdown.

An example: A business has a sudden and unexpected power surge.  That surge, damages the computer chip running the AC unit; Or it damages the circuit board running your CNC; Or the computer that runs your robotic manufacturing system. 

Typical covered causes of loss:

Electrical arching which harms a circuit board but doesn’t cause a fire.

Failure of a machine part that causes a sudden and accidental total failure of the machine.

Explosion of a pressurized system.

This is coverage is very important to most businesses – and it’s not very expensive.

Your Specific Needs.  The needs of each business are unique. Our Professional Team can help.