What am I paying for?


    Liability 100/300 -  this covers anyone you injure if you are at fault in an accident. $100,000 per person or $300,000 per accident.

    Property Damage -  generally speaking: Collision with another vehicle is covered by COLLISION COVERAGE.   Collision with something other than a vehicle  (i.e. mail box, deer, building) is COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE.

    Personal Injury coverage (Also known as No-Fault insurance)  This applies in only a few states that have a no-fault law. $20,000/$20,000 which means if you are in a car accident, your insurance will pay for the first $20,000 of your medical bills, the other $20,000 will reimburse you for things like lost wages due to being injured. ($250 per week unless stacked = $250  per vehicle so 2 cars, you would have $40,00 medical and up to $500 week for wage loss)

    Uninsured & Under-insured -  Your insurance pays for anyone who is injured in your car if in an accident and the other driver does not have car insurance or enough coverage for your injuries.  

    Comprehensive - with Full Glass - you have a deductible which means if you have a comprehensive claim (deer hit, fire, theft, vandalism) you pay the first $500 and the insurance pays the rest. If you have Full Glass, you pay nothing if you have any glass breakage and it needs to be replaced.

    Collision -  You have a deductible which means you pay the deductible first and the insurance pays after that.

    Towing -  pays up to the limit stated in the policy for any reason you would need to call a tow truck. (I.E. run out of gas, flat tire, broke down.)