Assisted Living Insurance

Do you have a family member in Assisted Living?

You may be able to add an “Assisted Living” endorsement to YOUR Homeowners policy.

This is for any family members (do not need to be a part of the insureds household) who reside in an assisted living facility. Cost is around $60 a year (Varies by company)

Example: Your parents sell their home, and or both live in an assisted living facility. Your home, if endorsed, would extend the following coverage to them:

COVERAGE (Varies by carrier): $10,000 in personal property, $100.000 in liability and includes extra coverages:

(1) $250 for each hearing aid or other similar audio enhancement device. This insurance is excess over any other applicable insurance.

(2) $100 for each pair of eyeglasses.

(3) $100 for all contact lenses.

(4) $500 for all false teeth or dentures.

(5) $500 for each medic-alert device.

(6) $250 for all walking aids and devices property owned and used by a person named such as walkers or canes.

(7) $500 for each wheelchair.

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